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Me.......an ordinary boy getting my own life into lots of things very 7+1 about everything, that's why like to be a listener a quite pessimistic boy, but i am trying to be a optimist i am easily get hurt and very sensitive, but thats not really what i wan i need cares n loves!! A quote for me: Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expecting them!!! fully agree with this...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man with money

We have been meeting a lot of person in our day to day life.. i guess its very difficult to remember to whom we have met in last few days or in few last week.
I guess we remember those person & incident that just touches us from Inside out. If some one will ask me what made u to remember some great dignity... As i m a simple living person i don't have high expectation from others, my needs are limited ...like a creator in this world i need three chapaties in the meal of two time with some Vegetables or omelet.
so keeping these things in mind i keep my self in always in lower level or it can be in other word as in giving mode....

I have never ever thought of BLOGGING & expressing my ideas to all of u... it was like a gift to me of all time.... The blogging seems to be very difficult task for a ordinary person, the so many settings .I m a Researcher in genetic working with Dna & Rna, so blogging is like impossible thing.

I was in touch with a cute little guy having the main stream of Mechanical engg. he was helping me in so many aspects regarding M.S.Office, and other computer commands.
One day when i was taking the help of Mr. Amar Bhagat, he received a cheque of somewhat about $ 210. i asked him for what he was having this cheque and why this to him.
He gently handled my query like a teacher, then he started telling me about the blogs. He also shared a lot many great experience of blogging i viewed his about ten more cheques of earned money. i went on his blog site, there i found how efficiently he worked over that blog and how he maintained that. Then i was really impressed by the efforts he made, he thought me a lot about the blogs and made me realize that this is the place from where i can share my experiences and how one can also Earn money through Internet with just putting efforts in maintaining the blog.
If a guy from a background of Mechanical can do this we all can certainly do this, that really impress me and satisfies , he is also a helpful person he use to maintain my blog in a proper way. all the Glamor in my blog is his effort.

If u need any assistance regarding blog and u warn to have some favor regarding earning money he can assist u also ... i m providing the link http://lucky0123.blogspot.com/
There is some one also who helped me in appearance of the Blog, he is friend of Mr.Amar Bhagat.

So this is some this time had really impressed me greatly,.
next time I will surely assist u in some other great person in my life......


Friday, March 20, 2009

Favorite Music.

I’m passionate about the things that interest me. My family. My local music band and community. A retarded hippie at heart , I listen primarily to music made in the mid sixties to early seventies. Jim morrison
Grateful Dead
Doobie Brothers
Joni Mitchell
The Band
The Who
led zepplin
pink floyed
john denvar
The Beatles
that sort of thing
some of the 20th as Coldplay
Shania Twain
Dido several others.
I read voraciously and collect books as well but only in specific genres. Detective fiction as in Nero Wolfe. Caper fiction as in Donald E Westlake. The Raj and Empire. Bio-chemistry as in Harper or P.vasudevan. Genetics as in Suzuki or Snustad & Simons. Genomes as in T.A. Brown. Humour as in J.Hickman or Billy cosman. I’m passionate about education. When I retire from normal work I will build a school. A school that is built for the 21st century with the requisite connectivity behaviour infrastructure. A school that’s willing to borrow teachers rather than own them as long as the teachers see what they do as their calling their vocation. A school where students are encouraged to use the old fashion and tradition in class where critiquing the teacher is accepted. Where critiquing students is also accepted. Where the focus is on equality of opportunity rather than outcome; where diversity is celebrated. Where learning takes place. Which means mistakes get made. Where making mistakes is encouraged.where it will be belived that "learning brings change in behaviour".

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Interests.

I’m passionate about my profession(s), both planned and accidental. A Fellow of the Royal Eli-Lilly &; Co. A Freeman of the Lions club , for most of the Patient education program. More and more my interests have moved towards education.I keep thinking of setting up a school for poor guys those are really my major concern. Which is partly why I dream of chairman of The School Of Everything.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Childhood mistakes.

As the time passed i was having a new world around me .. things were now bigger in there size or they were due to my vision. I was trying to make my self comfortable in this non pre-existing world, which was never there in its own but it was me who was neglecting the hard core fact of life like....
- Loosing friends from school due to migration or transfer..
- Loosing the free time to hang out in play ground with my "AMROOD TODU " group.
- Loosing the freedom of speech, and this was also the most tingling taste that i always loved but now it was lost due to that we were grown..

The most ever noticeable change i noticed was Partition in the gender. Girls now were moving out in a different group with the girls...

We among boys now were having new and different opinion about girls, new stories were coming up... i still cant belive that was me also ............

Till this date my life was Sweet & Tasty now it was turning into the Bitter of its kind...

New Ingredients were in my life...

A new whole new recipie ........ was cooking.............

I guess this was not the phase of the life but it was something in between i was already there..............
I know we all must have seen this phase of life ........ Do we all were having the same Taste................. or something was new............

i will now be moving to new Phase of my life i m open to your comments and experience shearing..........

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Childhood Days...........

In the Name of God The most Merciful The Compassionate.

Sai Baba to you. Here I am going to share my childhood days. It is not that easy to recollect everything from my childhood days and if at all I recollect it also it is difficult to put everything over here. I would first of all like to make you know that I consider my childhood days to be right from the first day of my memory till my 1st standard in School. That will be my 4 years of age, I was 4 when I was in 1st.
In fact the dictionary meaning also gives the same type of meaning.

1. the time of person's life when they are a child
2. the state of a child between infancy and adolescence
let me recollect. Hmmmmmm I dont remember exactly. But I do remember some incidents from my days when I was around 4 years or 5 years old. I may not recollect tell them exactly in chronological order, but I will tell those incidents. I remember that we were going to school. Now you may think who is this
WE? Well let me introduce my first friend in my life, he is Pradeep Sisht , of my cousin. He is my Maternal cousin, so bonded cousin. He was such a naughty boy that he always used to get beatings from everyone in our house. We both plan something and do some mischiefs and when the elders ask about it with him he used to tell "I dont know who did it", but when asked with me i used to say "Pradeep did it". Then what? He used to get beaten up, but I wont. lol. But he never fought with me in this regards. We both used to go to School together. I know that it was Christian High School, St.Taresha I studied my L.K.G and U.K.G. The moments which I remember from school is that we used to go by Auto Rickshaw, and the driver was very friendly with us. I remember being standing in a line in our school, dont know for what purpose, but I remember it. Then I remember all my class mates playing with the small cycles with 3 tyres. But we were just watching them play as we did not know how to play. Then we learned how to play and we enjoyed it. I remember We used to eat biscuits in class. Those were school days of my KG class. Now let me tell something which I remember from my home - in fact my maternal Grandma's home (I used to stay with her when I was going to school). I still remember that I had a Grand Grand mother. My Mom's Paternal Grand Mother. Or I can say my Maternal Grand Father's Mother. Simply to say My mother's father's mother. She was too old, but very beautiful, I still remember. We used to play with her. She had a stone by which she used to grind or soften things which she used to eat it later, as she did not have teeth. Sometimes we used to help her. We used to enjoy it. I still remember that BHAJAN which was put in the tape "Jaago Jaago Subah Huwi", and this our "Grand Grandma" used to mimic it like this "Jaago Jaago Sir Mein Bukhaar Hai". And that made me think, that we can change things as we like.
Then I still remember how I used to catch my pencil, my Maternal Grandma used to teach me how to catch the pencil. I dont remember whether my class teacher ever thought me to catch the pencil, but I remember that my Grandma thought me that thing. Then I still remember my Grandma used to teach me how to read. I don't remember whether she thought me ABCD, but I remember those words she thought how to pronounce. Like for example F A N - FAN, C A N - CAN etc. Then I remember she thought me Laws of nature, Relation among individuals, The greatness and the virtue of this life- The Hindi alphabets. All these were when I was just 4 to 5 years old.
Then I remember one marriage, of my Maternal uncle. I discussed those incidents with my Aunt, she asked astonishingly "how could u remember it? You were just 4 years old at that time." I told hehe I dont know but I remember. And then one more incident comes into my life. I saw my mom crying, she wept like a child. Then we went to our Grandma's house. There I saw my sweet little "Grand Grandma" is dead. That was the first death I saw in my life and I still remember it. I saw everything from giving bath to the body and then Funeral. I prayed the "OM JAI JAGADISH HARE" Prayer also. At this moment I totally forgot my cousin. I don't remember whether I was with him or not. Anyways those were the early moments which I could not forget at all. Then we continued to go to school. We both were in standard 1st. I remember I used to excel in getting marks than my cousin. Then one day I was separated from my cousin. In fact I was separated from all my relatives. Not only my relatives but also my home town. My dad was working in Army. He got a busy time table"The Nation".

This were the childhood days, My life proceeded to the further phase new PICTURES & NEW WORLD around me.
So let me bring some light over those great days also in my next post....