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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recipies by Mr. Kamlesh Satpute

Mr. Kamlesh Satpute is known for his creativity in cooking. He can bring life to dull or even non appreciated dishes.
He is very much interested in Non-Veg dishes specially to Chicken.

He is basically from land of  Madhya Pradesh which imparts the flavor in life, so do he picked up. He is fond of traveling and visiting newer places, I surely believe it is all because of learning newer flavors and taste.
Having background of Chemistry he can do much reaction in cooking... He can very well modify the normal way of cooking and adding a new meaning a new insight into them.
It will be my great pleasure to publish here what he cooks. He is more interested in shearing all of them here with you. I may be the mode of shearing, but even that gives me pleasure.
Keep on reading and cooking.

Recipie for the great great ......AAM KI CHATNI.....

This is again a classical preparation by Mr. Kamlesh Satpute
Serving 6 :-

250 gm Kaache Aam (Mango),
50 ml Sarso tel (Mustard Oil),
10 dane kali mirch,
25 dane lehsun bade size (Garlic),
Daal chini thodi si,
Rai ke daane 5 gm,
Methi ke daane 5 gm,
80 gm cheeni (Sugar),
2 tablespoon Salt

Sabse pehle Kaache aamo ko cheel lo aur medium size ke pieces kar lo,\.
Frying Pan me  Sarso tel ko garam karo,
Sath sath me frying pan me kalimirch, dal cheeni, sarso, methi ek saath me dal do.
Then add lehsun,
Cook till lehsun goes brown in colour. 
As brown colour appears add mango pieces. Stir well and let it cook at low flame till 15 min.
Add 2 teaspoon salt and rest 80 gm cheeni. Taste in between if need add more sugar as per need.
Can keep in low flame for next 5 min.

Enjoy this great with Palak, Paneer, Mashroom, Gobhi, Alooke parathe. and several other spicy dishes.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Lazy and Lara

 I dont know from where to begin with.
Guess what is commonly used will suit me also "SORRY".

This means I am feeling guilty inside to be in touch with all my readers after a long.
I am having a lot to share about as in these past 3 years a lot had happened. You wont believe readers all happened great.

I will come to all the events in time.
I wanted to share fun I had with my two pets Lazy (golden) & Lara (black) Labrador puppies both female.
I had them from one of the best renowned kennel in Delhi.
I brought them with me with lot difficulties as they had left there mom 2 days after their eye opened.
They were two small and were crying "aaaoooo aooooaoooo..aaooooo"that way. I was carrying them in DTDC with proper ticket in open bucket. I mean time of traveling I was offering them my finger to suck as they must be doing with their mother. I was too happy even having such discomfort that some one may see or what if the Ticket checker may say or what if they not gona make till home.

With all odd I had this feeling inside that my mother, my sister, my father, my brother and my wife (yes I got married- I will write about that too sooner) gona enjoy with them and they will be the best friend. I am sure about the heart of my father and mother, they are pure heart and pet lovers.

I carried them to my house where I am living in rent in Gurgaon. My sister jumped with the joy she huged them and started feeding them milk from a baby bottle. My mom was surprised to see them as she may had not thought of what I am going to bring. She was also happy but what she showed to me anger for next five minutes. She said a lot to me about how you gona do maintain their care. Later she also started playing with them. Lazy (Golden) got so much attached to my mother even she started feeling herself her daughter, she went under anchal of her saree. She went in her lap, she was looking my mom only with her blue eyes. It took me no second that they gona be friend and will have some special bond.
Lara (Black) became star for my sister. She was not leaving lara to even touch the floor. She was holding her all day long.
I took both of them in the night and made them sleep next to me, they were playing with my ear my nose and my hair. I also got a special bond with them in just 1 day.

They were supposed to go back (my family). I made there reservation in early morning train so for the Lazy and Lara.
They got their name on basis of their activity.
 Lazy was too lazy, but good for her food. She use to make sound when she wanted food, milk and when she needed to poop and pee.
Lara was good in playing and fun, but use to remain silent so she enjoying doing poop and pee in my bed at all the corners.

They are now in my home town with my parents and have grown bit bigger as they are 2 months old. Both are getting vaccination from the hospital.
Here are some of the photos of my puppies.
I miss them.

Friday, August 26, 2011

2nd ALUMNI.. Meet

The Finals of the 2nd ALUMNI meet......
Thanks to Mr. Lalit Sehgal

Dear All,

Minutes of 2nd Alumni Association meeting 2011 held on 20th August 2011, at Jiwaji University.

The 2nd alumni’s meeting was held on 20th August 2011, at centre for genomics, jiwaji University. The Co-ordinator Dr PK Tiwari greeted all alumunus. The programe started with Saraswati vandana, followed by welcome address by Dr PK Tiwari and Dr DN Saxena. Selected alumnus from different batches shared their views and experiences. Alumni Association meeting and discussion took place after the lunch and following points were discussed.

1 Dr PK Tiwari suggested to legally registering the Alumni association for genomics and the bylaws and regulation for the same to be formulated.

Mr Ratnakar Tripathi first batch alumnus took the responsibility to formulate the laws in accordance to the university rules.

2 To create awareness about the utility and prospects of MHG among the undergraduates of the Jiwaji University, every 3-6 months a batch of 10 students from different colleges will be given a chance to attend a workshop at centre for genomice JU. In this workshop we will emphasize the importance of the course through lecture from the Alumni of the centre. This activity will be funded by Alumni association.

3 To expose the MHG students towards clinical and industrial research Mr Anant Saxena has proposed that he will try and create a workshop which will integrate people engaged in clinical research and industry. This will enable students of MHG to understand the scope of this course. The long term goal that we want to achieve through this is campus placements. Apart from these Anant along with Dr P.K. Tiwari will help to restructure the course to incorporate the basics of clinical research.

4 Funding: The major problem so far in two alumni meeting is the constant absence of the alumnus itself thereby increasing the financial load on the current batches. To overcome all these problems, we have decided to contribute Rs 1000/- per year towards the maintenance of Alumni association activity.

5 Alumni association award for best student will be given every year. The decision to select the best student will be decided by a committee headed by Dr P.K. Tiwari.

6 An electronic newsletter quarterly will be published from centre for genomics. This newsletter will be available freely from the department website. The responsibility to manage newsletter goes to Mr Satish Poojary.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Lalit Sehgal


The bonds gets harder day by day...............

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to be Successful...

I have never done anything that is special.. this is surprising but true.. I followed the rain.. I walked a lot.. But I was known to the places .. My friends always supported me. They moved a long with me. They are even now with me.. I am thankful to GOD for such loving friends and people around me…

I will never miss any opportunity to say thank.

Smile a lot. For any reason keep smile in face. Atleast for others… and enjoy Success..

People often ask me for advice on how to be successful. "Is there a secret?" they say.

As we all know, real success comes slowly and is due to a number of different factors all coming together over a period of years. Being successful takes intelligence, natural talent, knowledge, skill, hard work, smart choices, persistence and luck.

Although there is no real shortcut, there is a secret: a secret so powerful that you can use it to open doors that might otherwise be closed, and to influence people to help you time and again. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is the secret that has a lot to do with my success.

Then What is success? It is what everyone is looking for. Sometimes, success would rather be simple. Winning a game is success; getting a high grade in the exam is success; making a new friend is also success. In the dictionary, success means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Everyone should know typical fairy tale in his/her childhood. It is used to tell us this kind of scene “Once upon a time, there was a king who had a daughter as beautiful as a blooming rose. To all the suitors who came to the king's palace to ask for the hand of the princess; the old king assigned three tasks to be accomplished, each next to impossible. One day, into the king's palace came a handsome young prince.” Well, now you may know the rest. And the ending is always the same, finishing with the line "And they live happily forever." How can a story like that endure generations of repetition? Because, I think, it is a symbolic success story. We see the 4 steps definition of success: 1) a goal to be set, as represented by the beautiful princess; 2) challenges to be met; 3) the process of surmounting difficulties, as represented by the ordeals the youth goes through; and 4) the reward of success, as represented by the happy marriage.

The secret is simple: Be Honest to Yourself.

First of all, everyone can classify something as a goal when he/she try to overcome a long-term challenge. This is the first step to be success. I remember I used to fail on my vocabulary test when I was in my reading class. I had problem to memorize new words which got lost each day. I almost decided to give up English. But, my parents told me a way to set your vocabulary goal which is to write down new words in small sheet and memorize them daily.

Everyone is always looking for that one thing that will help them solve all of life’s mysteries.

What if I told you there is one such thing, that if you follow it almost all of your problems will be made easier and you would automatically do the right thing in every situation?

The one fundamental key to success in life is Truth and Honesty.

As funny as it sounds it works.

If you speak the truth and are honest to everybody including yourself, you will reach great heights.

Now when I say truth and honesty I don’t mean your typical preschool morals, I mean religiously follow this one fact.

Here are some examples where you can utilize this key to success:

  • Say you do something and your “conscience” feels bad, don’t lie to yourself by justifying your actions. Be honest even to yourself.
  • Say you do something small as take someone’s pen, don’t lie about it
  • Say you get caught doing something your not don’t make excuses say the truth

These are just basic examples but what this means is that you always are honest and speak the truth. This way you never excuse yourself.

By knowing you will always speak the truth if asked, you will try to do the right things to satisfy others and yourself.

Automatically this change and responsibility for yourself will make you excel at whatever you do.

All in all you would become more respected and more liked and everything in your life would go the right way.

And if all that’s not enough for the basic man, you would by speaking the truth develop other positive characteristics like responsibility and punctuality by simply following the root of all goodness: Truth and Honesty.

So if you are still looking for something to devote your life to, this is a quite good objective.

Good luck in becoming truthful, pious, and successful people.

There is nothing Successful person use to do… they just start doing it.

Never Late or hesitate…. Keep Laughing that will itself bring Honesty..