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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recipies by Mr. Kamlesh Satpute

Mr. Kamlesh Satpute is known for his creativity in cooking. He can bring life to dull or even non appreciated dishes.
He is very much interested in Non-Veg dishes specially to Chicken.

He is basically from land of  Madhya Pradesh which imparts the flavor in life, so do he picked up. He is fond of traveling and visiting newer places, I surely believe it is all because of learning newer flavors and taste.
Having background of Chemistry he can do much reaction in cooking... He can very well modify the normal way of cooking and adding a new meaning a new insight into them.
It will be my great pleasure to publish here what he cooks. He is more interested in shearing all of them here with you. I may be the mode of shearing, but even that gives me pleasure.
Keep on reading and cooking.

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