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Friday, January 21, 2011

Alumni 2011 Centre for Genomics

The place For all of Us, from all of Us.

"My education at Centre for Genomics was truly a wonderful experience. My professors showed a sincere interest in my education as a student and as a person. They not only wanted to help develop me for my career, but also as a person and contributing member of society.
The education I received from Jiwaji University still helps me in my career to this day, it doesn't matter if it is Conservation Genetics, writing proposals, or just getting along with the other members of the staff. They provided individual attention that has helped me become the successful man and student I am today."
Suraj. T, Bhagwati.S.S, Kishlay.K, Nilanjan.G, PremSova.S.H, Satish.P, Ranjan.G.

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After a successful Alumni meet in 2008, we group of Centre for Genomics moving towards making a mark in 2011. This alumni is a dream from a lot of the pathfinders and the watchers.

University alumni are people who have Post - graduated or received a degree from a particular college or high school. When people receive their diplomas from a high school, they remain alumni of that school for life. The same holds true for college students, and people may be alumnus or alumna of several colleges if they’ve studied and postgraduated from more than one.

It should be noted that alumni is typically the plural of alumnus, which is usually defined as a male graduate of a particular institution. Alumna is the singular female form, and alumnae is the correct phrasing for female graduates. The masculine form and the masculine plural, alumnus and alumni, are now used with great frequency to refer to all students, regardless of gender, and always when speaking of a group of students that contain both genders.

Its a matter of proud to be there in Alumni meets, because there is always a bond either bond of affection towards our seniors, professor and batch mate..... There is always a bell ringing inside our heart to be there and behave the same back days... leave everything back and just celebrate..

Alumni brings a lot of other responsibilities too if we are honest and sincere ............

People got used to communicate. Communication is one of the main reasons for the existence of healthy and prosperous society. Nevertheless, modern world is too busy and people are unable to pay much attention to communication for pleasure (we do not count communication for business purposes). The existence of different associations and other organizations is a great opportunity for many people to collaborate with people with the same interests and goals in life. There are a lot of different associations which deal with student life. An alumni association is a kind of students' associations which are formed by graduates or former students, if to consider the problem broader. Alumni associations are mostly spread in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. It should be mentioned that alumni from schools, colleges, Universities and other organizations may create an alumni association. Different associations of this kind pursue different goals. Here is some specific information about the purposes, different associations use as the main idea of their existence.

Some goals different alumni associations may pursue

  1. Alumni may function as a social organization and provide students with different kinds of help, like accommodation search, insurance policy registration and others.

  2. The members of alumni organizations may aim to organize different types of parties, social events and others.

  3. Publishing different newspapers or magazines with educational direction is a good help for the educational establishment an alumni organization works for.

  4. Above all it is about interpersonal relationship, which is the base of society.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comedy Movies

Many comedians have made their mark in the field of entertainment with their sharp wit and spontaneous responses. Their sense of humor and dialogues are still remembered as people use them in their everyday life to cheer up themselves or others. Cheech and Chong is one such pair that has won the hearts of many with their hippy, pot-influenced comedy. Gifted comedians who began their career almost forty years ago have a huge fan following as people still enjoy their irreverent counter-culture comedy routines. Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong careers peaked in the 1970s and 1980s, as their routines, heavily influenced by the lifestyles of junkies and drug-culture hit the mark with many people. The iconic comedy duo has produced eight hit films along with nine stellar comedy albums. Cheech and Chong were nominated at the Grammy Awards several times and their films broke several box office records.

Cheech and Chong’s albums shattered sales records and in 1973 this dynamic pair won its first Grammy Award for the Best Comedy Album for “Los Cochinos”. “Big Bambu” was their second album, released in 1972 and its massive sales created an all-time record in the comedy genre. All this success made Cheech and Chong the most in-demand comedians and got them a place in various low-budget commercials. Both had great fans in the stoner-community as most of them were able to relate to their songs and dialogues. Their comedy routines and songs were mostly based on the theme of free love, lonesome teenagers and hippies.

After ruling the comedy circuit for a while, Cheech and Chong stepped into the film industry in 1978. "Up In Smoke" was the first movie that they did and it included pieces from their original work. Modifying the material for film audiences, the comedy duo again touched success as it became the 12th highest-grossing film of that year. Cheech and Chong have several hit films under their name such as “It Came from Hollywood”, “Still Smokin`”, “After Hours” and “Born in East L.A”.

Even though “Born in East L.A” won the best Production Design and Best Screenplay Award at Havana Film Festival in 1987, it didn’t prove lucky for duo’s personal relationship as soon after the film Cheech and Chong separated. Citing creative differences the comedy icons began their solo careers. Even separately both earned acknowledgments for their work. Cheech became part of several successful projects and played supporting roles in many films including lending his voice to the all time hit animated movies “The Lion King” and “Oliver and Company”. Chong also established himself as a popular face on television and became part of the hit comedy series, “That 70’s Show”.

After working together on several projects for television, Cheech and Chong decided to get back together. Being separated for so many years, they began their comeback journey and their reemergence once again stirred the comedy world. This time the hippy-inspired, drugs-driven comedians found new fans along with their existing ones. The effortless comedy, improvisation and natural flair is what that has made them so popular with the fans. Cheech and Chong have never failed to prove that they are genuinely talented and their splendid chemistry still sets the stage on fire. The new routine that the pair has developed still revolves around the drugs theme, yet focuses on the simpler things in life. The skits are funnier than ever, improvisation is at its best and the two are giving one amazing performance after the other.