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Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Don't have to be Brilliant or Perfect to Succeed

Many of us have observed public speakers and thought to ourselves "Wow, I could never be that smart, calm, witty, entertaining, polished . . . or whatever." Well, I've got news for you-- you don't have to be brilliant, witty, or perfect to succeed. That is not what public speaking is all about. I know it may look that way, but it's not. You can be average. You can be below average. You can make mistakes, get tongue-tied, or forget whole segments of your talk. You can even tell no jokes at all and still be successful.

It all depends on how you, and your audience, define "success." Believe me, your audience doesn't expect perfection. I used to think most audiences did, but I was wrong! Before I discovered this, I used to put incredible pressure on myself to deliver a perfect performance. I worked for days to prepare a talk. I stayed up nights worrying about making mistakes. I spent hours and hours rehearsing what I was going to say. And you know what? All this did was make me even more anxious! The more perfect I tried to be, the worse I did! It was all very disheartening (not to mention unnecessary).

The essence of public speaking is this: give your audience something of value. That's all there is to it. If people in your audience walk away with something (anything) of value, they will consider you a success. If they walk away feeling better about themselves, feeling better about some job they have to do, they will consider you a success. If they walk away feeling happy or entertained, they will consider their time with you worthwhile.

Even if you pass out, get tongue-tied, or say something stupid during your talk . . . they won't care! As long as they get something of value, they will be thankful.

They don't even need to feel good to consider you a success. If you criticize people, or if you stir them up to ultimately benefit them, they might still appreciate you, even though you didn't make them feel good at the time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boat Race 2010 Kerala.

Kerala boat race is a yearly event that takes place in the month of August or September in Alapuzza. Representing the unique cultural heritage and traditional legacy of Kerala, the boat race of the state is one of the exciting socio-cultural events of the state.

The most impressive of all the boat races of Kerala is the Snake Boat Race, which is commonly referred to as Chundanvallams. The brilliant performance of the rowers portrays the inherent sporting zeal and sportsman spirit of the local inhabitants of the southern state of India.

The Vallamkalis or the yearly boat race takes place in the backwaters of Punnamada in Alapuzza of Kerala. A group competition, the rowers display tremendous courage and enthusiasm to win the Nehru Trophy in the sporting event of the Snake boat race. Former Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru in the year of 1952, introduced the annual sporting event of Snake boat race.

Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was so impressed with the Snake boat race of Kerala that he awarded the Nehru Trophy to the winners. Since then, the snake boat race became a yearly affair where boatmen compete with one another to become the Champion. The Nehru Trophy bears a silver model of a snake boat.

The brilliant sporting event of Snake boat attracts several local citizens and tourists from far and wide. An integral part of the rich cultural ancestry of Kerala, the annual event of Snake boat race is celebrated on a grand scale with much enthusiasm and vigor that fills the air with joy and excitement.

All among this the great thing is that i will also be watching this through my naked eyes. My great friend Mr.Ritheesh T.B is participating in this event. I m going there with John.
I beleive one should visit the venece of India and cheer with the glory of such ancient event.