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Monday, March 31, 2014

Lazy and Lara

 I dont know from where to begin with.
Guess what is commonly used will suit me also "SORRY".

This means I am feeling guilty inside to be in touch with all my readers after a long.
I am having a lot to share about as in these past 3 years a lot had happened. You wont believe readers all happened great.

I will come to all the events in time.
I wanted to share fun I had with my two pets Lazy (golden) & Lara (black) Labrador puppies both female.
I had them from one of the best renowned kennel in Delhi.
I brought them with me with lot difficulties as they had left there mom 2 days after their eye opened.
They were two small and were crying "aaaoooo aooooaoooo..aaooooo"that way. I was carrying them in DTDC with proper ticket in open bucket. I mean time of traveling I was offering them my finger to suck as they must be doing with their mother. I was too happy even having such discomfort that some one may see or what if the Ticket checker may say or what if they not gona make till home.

With all odd I had this feeling inside that my mother, my sister, my father, my brother and my wife (yes I got married- I will write about that too sooner) gona enjoy with them and they will be the best friend. I am sure about the heart of my father and mother, they are pure heart and pet lovers.

I carried them to my house where I am living in rent in Gurgaon. My sister jumped with the joy she huged them and started feeding them milk from a baby bottle. My mom was surprised to see them as she may had not thought of what I am going to bring. She was also happy but what she showed to me anger for next five minutes. She said a lot to me about how you gona do maintain their care. Later she also started playing with them. Lazy (Golden) got so much attached to my mother even she started feeling herself her daughter, she went under anchal of her saree. She went in her lap, she was looking my mom only with her blue eyes. It took me no second that they gona be friend and will have some special bond.
Lara (Black) became star for my sister. She was not leaving lara to even touch the floor. She was holding her all day long.
I took both of them in the night and made them sleep next to me, they were playing with my ear my nose and my hair. I also got a special bond with them in just 1 day.

They were supposed to go back (my family). I made there reservation in early morning train so for the Lazy and Lara.
They got their name on basis of their activity.
 Lazy was too lazy, but good for her food. She use to make sound when she wanted food, milk and when she needed to poop and pee.
Lara was good in playing and fun, but use to remain silent so she enjoying doing poop and pee in my bed at all the corners.

They are now in my home town with my parents and have grown bit bigger as they are 2 months old. Both are getting vaccination from the hospital.
Here are some of the photos of my puppies.
I miss them.